Hamerton Zoo Park

IMG_2778IMG_2775For my birthday I decided to have a day out at the zoo with the child because you can never be to old to to go to the zoo. I had never heard of hamerton zoo which is surprising as it’s  less than an 1 half hours away from where we live.

Hamerton is a fairy new zoo only opening to the public in 1990 previously it was a private collection. It is a lovely little zoo which is constantly changing and adding animals which is great because it gives us a reason to visit again in the future.

The zoo has a range of animals over its 20 acres  mainly small mammals and birds but quite a few animal species that I hadn’t seen in larger zoos.


My highlight of the day was definitely seeing the tigers the zoo has both bengal tigers including white bengals and the rare Malaysian tiger. We where very lucky to get a close up view of both types of tiger in the New in enclosure built in 2014 called land of the tiger where you can view these beautiful cats through glass window. The zoo has made sure that the cats still have plenty of room to escape from the public eye.   Just a few other breeds of cats at the zoo include cheetahs, Canadian lynx and servals.


I loved the layout of the zoo with all the enclosures being fairy close together but they where a good size For the animals which is definitely what you want to see, it’s so important that zoos keep there animals happy. Another great reason to visit hamerton is that it’s the greenest zoo in Europe it has two turbines and solar p-v arrays which both help to power the zoo this is something the zoo is very keen to educate the public on.

Overall hamerton zoo is definitely somewhere we will be visiting again in the future several enclosures where being rebuilt so I would love to see them when they are finished. Maybe next time we will visit at the weekend or during the school holidays so we can ride on the Bella-tori train Eva would absolutely love this ! .


September competition wins !

  • Smartsavevoucher-Tickets x4 fairytale farm
  • Calendarclub-2018 dog calendar
  • Burnished chaos-millie and me- tshirt,bag and water bottle
  •  CBeebies-fisher price toilet train bing
  • Toppsta books– fergus is fuming
  • Dorset cereals-£100 amamaya clothing voucher & case of Dorset cereals
  • eyeko -mascara
  • toppsta books– Henry and boo
  • toppsta books– bonkers about beetroot
  • Cheerz photo book
  • Spikes world-chicken treat dispenser
  • Easypaws-dog doodle door mat
  • Shonezone-£20 shoe zone voucher
  • Letterbox sweets– haribo sweets
  • Revival-hamper of health products/food
  • Balance magazine-£70 worth of Dr hauschka skin care products
  • Womenaftergreatness-notebook and sweets
  • Sovereign play-children’s tshirt with my design on

September has has been a lucky month for me with most of my wins coming from twitter all I can say is roll on October!!! 🍀🍀🍀

Family day out at Tropical Birdland

IMG_2761IMG_2760Since the other half is working on my birthday we decided to have a early birthday day out. After a disastrous morning involving a tyre puncture the plan was to visit tropical birdland in Leicester. Although on the small side we had a brilliant day !

As you arrive there are several aviaries with large owls in and the you walk through a woodland just filled with birds everywhere you look. Birds of every colour filling aviaries and freely flying I still can’t get my head around how then don’t just fly away. It really is a day out for all the family it’s great how you can interact with the birds, on arrival you can purchase a bag of peanuts to feed to ALL the birdies.

E really enjoyed herself she loved being able to feed the parrots and get up close it’s not something any of us had had the opportunity to do before.

There where a few cheeky birds I would say take off the jewellery people unless you want to gain a friend, Maybe one you can’t get rid of like who takes rather a liking to your rucksack.

There is an outdoor play area which we avoided due to earlier rain and a lovely looking cafe which again we avoided because of a massive birthday party but il definitely be taking E again hopefully when they have baby birdies in their hatchery